Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vanity Fair Part 2

Some things I jotted down while reading:

Is Becky Sharp innocent or not? (Which became, Why Becky Sharp is a big fat liar)

1. (Ch 55) Steyne gets Rawdon Crawly an appointment
2. (Ch 54?) Macmundo tells/suggests to Crawley that people (soldiers) have talked for years about Becky being "not so innocent"
3. (Ch 55) Were Wenham and wife really invited to Becky's with Lord Steyne? (No)

Ch 64 "A short time after Lord Steyne's accident, Wenham had been with the Baronet and given him such a biography of Mrs. Becky as had astonished the member of Queen's Crawley. He knew everything regarding her:...and what her conduct during her married life - I have no doubt that the greater part of the setory was false and dictated by interested malevolence."

"And Becky saw a number of old faces which she remembered in happier days, when she was not innocent, but not found out."

From an article: "In response to his critics, Thackeray explained that he saw people for the most part as "abomindably foolish and selfish." I have to agree.

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