Monday, January 28, 2008

The Road and more Dance complaints

Finished The Road last night. I would give this a 4/5 stars if I was rating it. A bleak picture of the future, after some sort of disaster which covered the earth in ash, a group of remaining humans have turned to cannibalism, keeping people locked in basements to harvest their body parts for food. But this is the story of a man and a boy who are "the good guys" who are carrying the fire...which at first is meant to mean the lighters (or so I thought) so that they literally were carrying fire, but then it seemed to take on a new meaning as a fire within. The two are essentially on their own, treking through the US to get to the south/coast with all their belongings in a grocery cart. Off and on throughout the book, I kept thinking of The Stand, which I HATE with a passion (the Trash Can Man being the only redeeming point). I was very glad when the people didn't start having dreams to guide them where to go.

Some questions remain though: The people who adopt the boy at the end...were they following the man and the boy? It seemed to be suggested that they had been, as I assume that the little boy that The Boy had seen was the same one that was with the family. Also, what was up with The Boy being "The One"? Is it supposed to imply that he is a type of messiah (second incarnation of Jesus)? The novel was good overall.

So, now I'm back to trudging - grudgingly - through A Dance to the Music of Time. Did I say that I detest this book? But, I determined to get through it, as it is in the way of my goal of reading the Modern Library's Top 100. I hadn't read a word in it since the first week in January, so I'm a bit lost, but I did find the following websites to help me through it: and

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