Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Sea - Banville

Just finished The Sea by John Banville. I don't really have a reaction to this book. I think that it took me longer than it should have, mostly due to the new job, and partly due to my new diet/exercise regime, which in all honesty I was more interested in than this book. But that's really all I can come up with to say about it. The language was good, and the plot wasn't bad. I'm pretty neutral here. Was I supposed to have figured out before the next to the last page that Miss V. was Rose?

I'm also reading Austen's Emma. I like it, like I like all Jane Austens. Except Mansfield Park. I wasn't crazy about that. Austen is my form of "lite" reading. In addition, I'm still "reading" Dance to the Music of Time, though "reading" isn't exactly a true statement, considering that I haven't opened it in two weeks. I really don't care.

The next book that I'm going to start is The Road, which was loaned to me in November (or was it October?) by one of my mothers-in-law (because I get two! - it's really not so bad though). I probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise. It's also the book to be discussed at the library book club in March. I was supposed to be at book club tonight discussing The Sea but didn't finish it in time to go. Shawn (my husband) said I should just read the last page and be done with it, but that wouldn't have worked - I would just have been confused. But back on track, The Road appears to be short. I just hope that it isn't dense. I really just want to finish what I've got on my plate for January and move forward to Sister Carrie and I, Claudius in February.

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