Friday, January 26, 2007

The Heart of the Matter

Today I finished The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene. I had loved The End of the Affair and I was worried for at least the first third of the book that The End of the Affair might have been his only gem, like my Fitzgerald Situation. The Great Gatsby is possibly - probably the best book I have ever read. But I have not enjoyed Tender is the Night or The Beautiful and the Damned. But once Loise left, and Scobie began his affair with Helen, the book was much better. I was sad to close the book. Scobie's struggle with God was a nice addition to the narrative. It was strictly a Catholic perspective, though, so difficult for me to empathize with to some extent, having never been Catholic. Are there any books that discuss the struggle with fundamentalism/protestantism and the "shadows of god" that they leave? I'm sure there is... I'll have to find out. Even though I didn't like Loise, I wish that someone would have figured out what that snake Wilson was up to - I wish that she wouldn't have held hands with him and said they might get married. But oh well, these were only minor irritations. It was a very good book, though it cannot compare with the beauty that was The End of the Affair. If I were Graham Greene's wife, I would wonder. Why did he always write about affairs? Oh - and my theory that in novels dealing with affairs, someone always dies continuse to hold true, though this time it was the male who died, not the female.

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