Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reading Update

I haven't been writing much here lately because I haven't been reading much. It's a combination of factors - I'm so exhuasted most of the time lately that expending any effort is too much. Going to bed at 9 p.m. without being able to even consider cracking a book takes its toll. The other factor is that I am terribly bored with all the books I'm reading. I'll give a brief rundown:
  • Invisible Man - If this were the H.G. Wells version, I wouldn't still be reading it because (1) it's shorter; and (2) it'd be more exciting. Instead I'm reading - have been reading since November - Ralph Ellison's version, which is 600 pages and slow going. I'm [finally] more than 70% of the way through, and fortunately it has picked up a little in the last 100 pages, but I'm still really not into it.
  • The Rainbow - All I have to say is: zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Two years ago I read Sons and Lovers but don't remember much about it. Maybe that's because it was as boring as this.
  • All Quiet on the Western Front - I'm really disappointed that I don't like this more. Maybe it's not the right time for it...maybe I just have to say, AQotWF, it's time for you to go back on the shelf for a bit. Like all these other books, I just really don't care.
  • Justine - this one is by Lawrence Durrell (not de Sade). Like AQotWF, I'm also confused why I'm not enjoying this one more. The writing is great, the plot ok, and the book's only 250 pages. But instead I've been reading it for months. I just can't get into it.
  • Dance to the Music of Time, Part #10 - This book...I mean this volume of books...has been on and off for me. Some times I plow through it, other times it's a chore to pick it up. Occassionally this has something to do with the actual plot, but other times it's just me. Currently I'm just stalled and it's very frustrating. I feel like I'm on the home stretch - the final volume, and I can't get started.

I think what I need to do is find a novel that will jump start my reading again, but I'm also at a loss as to what that novel might be. I think tonight I might spend some time with "the stacks" to see what I can find.


Robby Virus said...

Re: The Rainbow. I read it years ago and had the same opinion. I remember nothing of the book now.

Re: All Quiet on the Western Front. I liked this one a lot. I think I was taking a European history class at the time, though, so that may have spurred on my interest.

Re: Justine. This is a hard one to get through. I agree that the writing is beautiful, though. I hope you'll stick it out and go on to the next Alexandria Quartet novel, because it's totally different in style and's a page turner (as is novel #3, while #4 goes back to Justine's style a bit). And as you get more into the Quartet the brilliance of it all becomes clearer.

I too am in a reading slump at the moment, due to work and other pressures. It will all die down eventually and we'll be able to get back to what's important!

Kristin said...

I decided to just put All Quiet away for now. It's not the right time. I will stick with Durrell's Alexandria Quartet. I writing is wonderful...for some reason, I'm just not into it right now. Maybe I need to wait until the weather starts to warm up! This weekend I picked up Fight Club and it's going pretty quickly.