Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Henry James Doppleganger

So, I'm trying to get through The Golden Bowl. I really am. But obviously I hate Henry James. He gives me a headache.

But anyway, I was looking something up about this dreadful (but not as dreadful as The Ambassadors) book, and came across this portrait of Henry James (not a lady) by John Singer Sargent.

Here is a photo of Bill Kirchenbauer, who used to be on my favorite sitcom of all time, Just the Ten of Us.

I see a resemblence. Somehow, thinking of Henry James as Coach Lubbock makes him slightly more tolerable. But not his infernal books.
*Sigh* I miss Just the Ten of Us.


Dave said...

That's funny. If you think the ambassadors was bad, wait until you read "Wings of a Dove". not to bring you down or anything. I'm going through the list too...

Dave said...

Oops! Further investigation shows you have already read "Wings of a Dove" and have not eaten a bullet. Impressive.

Kristin said...

All three were stinkers. So glad to have them behind me.

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