Friday, October 9, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

I was wanting to try a certain author and wished I knew someone who had read her works so I could get a recommendation when it occurred to me that having a “YOU ask the question” Booking Through Thursday might be fun. Each participant could ask a question they’ve wanted to discuss with other readers. Perhaps, like me, you’d like a recommendation of a certain author’s best work, or perhaps you LOVE a certain genre or series but no one else you know does and you’d just like to discuss it with someone. Or perhaps you want to try a new genre and would like recommendations from seasoned readers.

It would help if everyone put some idea of the question or topic in their response comment here rather than just saying, “My post is up” so that those who can’t get around to everyone can see what the topics are and get to those which most interest them.

This is a good one! Here is my question: I LOVE the films of David Lynch, especially Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway - two of my favorite movies of all time (and his collaboration with Danger Mouse - freaking awesome). I have always wanted to find writers who are writing novels like those David Lynch movies: stylistic, beautiful, weird, haunting, etc.

On a (probably related) separate note: anyone read Bizarro literature? If so, where's a good place to start?


brooke said...

You should definitely watch Eraserhead.

It's Nigel's and I's favorite David Lynch film.

I have it if you would like to borrow it sometime.


Kristin said...

I've seen it...or at least most of it. I think I have it. I also have Blue Velvet, which I didn't like so much.

Mulholland Drive is my favorite. I could watch it over and over again...the scene at Silencio, especially when Rebekah Del Rio sings Llorando...that's one of my favorite parts in any movie I've ever seen.

I loved Lost Highway too, but I had to close my eyes every time Robert Blake came on the screen. CREEPY!

Amber said...

For funny bizarro stuff I'd check out Etger Keret. He's a short story writer from Israel. His collection, "The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God" is incredibly weird and there are some dark, Lynchian moments in it.

And then of course there's always Chuck Palahniuk.

Lost Highway is one of the creepiest movies that I've ever seen!