Friday, November 6, 2009

Under the Net

I did not expect to like this book at all.

For some reason, certain books get linked with other books in my mind. Such as: I have long associated Zuleika Dobson with a book written about Sarajevo (Zlata's Diary). I have no idea why, other than the strange Z names. In this case, I had lumped Under the Net with The Ginger Man in my mind. I could not keep them straight. And since I have only read bad reviews for The Ginger Man, I have not looked forward to reading Under the Net.

Once - was it earlier this year? - I picked Under the Net up off the shelf, laid down on the bed in my library (which, in case you wanted to know, was my great-grandparents bed) and read a few pages. Now, in the first few pages all we learn is that Jake is being kicked out of where he was staying. I didn't care about this. So I put it back, further cementing in my mind that I was not going to like reading this book.

But in my effort to get through the Modern Library's List by the end of next year (it's going to be close - I've got a lot of thick books ahead), I knew I would have to read it. And as I've mostly got, as I just mentioned, LONG books left (An American Tragedy, Studs Lonigan, Women in Love, and *ahem* Finnegan's Wake) I thought now, while I'm home with Brendan, might be a good time to knock this one out.

Ok, so I was slightly bored in the beginning. I couldn't tell you when the novel picked up for me, but it was long before Jake steals the show dog from Sammy's apartment in order to use it as a bargaining tool to get his manuscript back. And by the time we got to THAT part, I was really into it. Under the Net turned out to be a funny! I had no idea.

Jake needs a place to stay, and that sets off a series of events, and for a time he finds a place to stay, and even has a job, but that all unravels, and he ends up exactly where he was in the beginning - but this time with a dog. Not the most exciting novel ever, but I found it entertaining. I've already added The Sea, The Sea to my TBR. Under the Net may be one of the few remaining pleasures on the list...after all, I'm staring down Women in Love, Old Wives Tale, AND Finnegans Wake.

I'm a little annoyed with Netflix...or maybe I should say I'm annoyed at myself. I was really looking forward to seeing the movie Iris, which is based on Murdoch's life with her husband. But of course like the dumby that I am sometimes, yesterday I was searching for some French New Wave films, and accidently rearranged my queue so that The Fire Within is on its way instead of Iris. Oh well.

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