Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday 2009 SLIFR Quiz

Ok - I may be REALLY out of my league here but I've been meaning to fill one of these out for a long time, and I finally did it! Yay for me!


1) Second-favorite Coen Brothers movie.

2) Movie seen only on home format that you would pay to see on the biggest movie screen possible?
The Wizard of Oz

3) Japan or France?

4) Favorite moment/line from a western.
I know they may take away my American card for this, but I don’t like westerns.

5) Of all the arts the movies draw upon to become what they are, which is the most important, or the one you value most?
Literature, of course! Actually, thanks to Dos Passos, I am now completely fascinated by the influence that film had on the novel.

6) Most misunderstood movie of the 2000s (The Naughties?).
Because I can’t answer “misunderstood” I’m going to say underrated: Idiocracy. This is where we potentially are headed, people.

7) Name a filmmaker/actor/actress/film you once unashamedly loved who has fallen furthest in your esteem.

Angelina Jolie. Her fall from my esteem has more to do with her personal life than her acting. I suppose I liked her better when she was nutso. Is this kind of like admitting I don’t like Mother Teresa or something? because that’s what it feels like.

8) Herbert Lom or Patrick Magee?
I cannot answer this, as I do not know enough of either’s work to make a judgement call

9) Which is your least favorite David Lynch film
Blue Velvet

10) Gordon Willis or Conrad Hall?

11) Second favorite Don Siegel movie.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers. First favorite: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (it’s the only one of his I’ve seen, but with the line “Gessner!” i feel it has a right to more than one slot).

12) Last movie you saw on DVD/Blu-ray? In theaters?
DVD – the delightful Stranger Than Fiction. I honestly don’t remember the last movie I saw in the theaters. It must have been Slumdog.

13) Which DVD in your private collection screams hardest to be replaced by a Blu-ray?
Not upgrading yet.

14) Eddie Deezen or Christopher Mintz-Plasse?
See my answer to #8; but based on their wiki photos, I’m going to go with Deezen.

15) Actor/actress who you feel automatically elevates whatever project they are in, or whom you would watch in virtually anything.
This one was harder than I imagined it would be. There are the obvious old-timers, like Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant. I’m wracking my brain for something that George Clooney was in that I didn’t like, and I can’t think of any, so maybe I should answer him. But I’m also thinking Kate Winslet. Yes, that includes Titanic. Oh and Christina Ricci.

16) Fight Club -- yes or no?
A very unenthusiastic yes.

17) Teresa Wright or Olivia De Havilland?
See answer to #8. Yeah – I’m admitting it; I’ve never seen Gone with the Wind. Please don’t throw tomatoes!

18) Favorite moment/line from a film noir.
There are so many things I could put here, but I’ll go with my long-time favorite, from the wonderful movie WHICH IS NOT YET OUT ON DVD DAMN IT!, The Blue Dahlia – “Bourbon straight with a bourbon chaser.” Loves it.

19) Best (or worst) death scene involving an obvious dummy substituting for a human or any other unsuccessful special effect(s)
I can’t think of an answer for this.

20) What's the least you've spent on a film and still regretted it?
I’ve seen some real stinkers at the drive-ins (<$2/film) (The Saint being one of them), but I wouldn’t say I regretted it. They were a waste of time, but I wouldn’t say regret. Only two films fit the regret category: Saw and Pink Flamingos.

21) Van Johnson or Van Heflin?
Yeah, once again, haven’t seen anything either of them were in. Though Van Johnson looks familiar.

22) Favorite Alan Rudolph film.
Does the fact that Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle is in my Netflix queue count for anything?

23) Name a documentary that you believe more people should see.
Hearth and Harvest – because my husband’s in it! Otherwise, I’ll say Jesus Camp. It’s a blatant depiction of sanctioned child abuse.

24) In deference to this quiz’s professor, name a favorite film which revolves around someone becoming stranded.
A favorite of mine from when I was a pre-teen, Shipwreck (or was it Shipwrecked?)

25) Is there a moment when your knowledge of film, or lack thereof, caused you an unusual degree of embarrassment and/or humiliation? If so, please share.
Yes – admitting in #18 that I never saw Gone with the Wind. I am constantly embarrassed when a film is referenced that I didn't see. I am taking steps to correct this, though.

26) Ann Sheridan or Geraldine Fitzgerald?
I don’t think I’ve seen anything either of the them were in. This quiz should be my answer for #25.

27) Do you or any of your family members physically resemble movie actors or other notable figures in the film world? If so, who?

28) Is there a movie you have purposely avoided seeing? If so, why?
There are so many movies in this category I wouldn’t know where to start. In general I avoid seeing run-of-the-mill romantic comedies (sorry Sarah Jessica Parker!) and all the slasher films that have been coming out in the last 5-10 years. I also refuse to see anything with Seth Rogen, because I think he’s an ass.

29) Movie with the most palpable or otherwise effective wintry atmosphere or ambience.
The Snowman.

30) Gerrit Graham or Jeffrey Jones?
Jeffrey Jones. One I can finally answer!

31) The best cinematic antidote to a cultural stereotype (sexual, political, regional, whatever).
I can’t answer this one…it would require too much thought, and when I get up at 5:30 for more than two days in a row, I just don’t have it.

32) Second favorite John Wayne movie.
My American card may be revoked for this too – I don’t like John Wayne. Please don’t throw tomatoes.

33) Favorite movie car chase.
The Bourne Identity.

34) In the spirit of His Girl Friday, propose a gender-switched remake of a classic or not-so-classic film.
Honestly, I have no idea. Cannot think!

35) Barbara Rhoades or Barbara Feldon?
Yeah, maybe you could just keep looking at #8?

36) Favorite Andre De Toth movie.
*Sigh* See #8. Again.

37) If you could take one filmmaker's entire body of work and erase it from all time and memory, as if it had never happened, whose oeuvre would it be?
Luis Bunuel. I feel guilty about it, but I just can't stand it!

38) Name a film you actively hated when you first encountered it, only to see it again later in life and fall in love with it.
I wouldn’t say hated, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wasn’t what I expected, which disappointed me at first. But now I feel better about it.

39) Max Ophuls or Marcel Ophuls?
I’ll give you one guess of what my answer here is.

40) In which club would you most want an active membership, the Delta Tau Chi fraternity, the Cutters or the Warriors? And which member would you most resemble, either physically or in personality?
Is it terrible of me to admit I don’t know what is referred to by the Cutters? Perhaps this should be my answer to #25. And having never seen The Warriors, I’m going to have to go with Delta Tau Chi. Hopefully the answer to the second part isn’t Belushi.

41) Your favorite movie cliché.
The noir femme fatale

42) Vincente Minnelli or Stanley Donen?
Well, I saw Donen’s Funny Face and didn’t really like it. Never saw anything by Minnelli. Except Liza. Harharhar.

43) Favorite Christmas-themed horror movie or sequence.
Gremlins - can that count as horror?

44) Favorite moment of self- or selfless sacrifice in a movie.
Perhaps this is because it’s fresh in my mind, but I love Will Ferrell stepping in front of the bus in Stranger Than Fiction.

45) If you were the cinematic Spanish Inquisition, which movie cult (or cult movie) would you decimate?
Pink Flamingoes. There is simply no excuse.

46) Caroline Munro or Veronica Carlson?
So, have I earned my film dunce cap yet?

47) Favorite eye-patch wearing director.
I guess I’m required to answer John Ford, aren’t I?

48) Favorite ambiguous movie ending.
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. That whole film was ambiguous.

49) In giving thanks for the movies this year, what are you most thankful for?
I’m thankful that I saw the following movies: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, The Trouble with Harry, Gran Torino, Iris, Stranger Than Fiction. And I’m looking forward to someday seeing the following movies that were released this year: The Informant, The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Road

50) George Kennedy or Alan North?
They just had to throw in one last embarrassment, didn’t they?


Dennis Cozzalio said...

Kristin, way to go! My wife won't even touch these anymore! I applaud your steely nerve and conviction. Believe me, if you did a similar quiz revolving around literature, I don't know if I'd be able to step up! (BTW, the answer is Caroline Munro.)

Speaking of my wife, she is a much more avid reader than I (I am constantly reading and never completing), and I think she'd love your blog. I'm gonna pass it on, and I'm gonna link it on mine!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for the comment!

Regarding Munro, where should I start?

Dennis Cozzalio said...

As for Ms. Munro, it's probably a visual thing more than an actressy thing for most respondents, and though she is wonderful to behold in motion, Googling "Caroline Munro" would be a good place to start. Then try Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad to get started on the Munro oeuvre proper.

le0pard13 said...

Great post and fun answers to the quiz. Thanks for this.