Monday, January 18, 2010

Explaining my absence…

I haven’t been writing here much. This is due mostly to two factors: (1) thanks to having a young child in day care, Shawn & I catch everything he catches. And this past week, it has been both a nasty stomach bug AND a cold. Thanks, Brendan; and (2) what I'm reading is taking a looooonnng time. This would usually cause me great anxiety, not finishing books off quickly. I've been tempted to pick up some shorter novels, like John Le Carre's The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, etc., but haven't been able to get into them. I'm feeling very focused about finishing the Modern Library list, and if that means only reading 17 or so books this year, then so be it. It's pretty easy dealing with this situation right now, as all the books I'm in right now are pretty decent.

So...a reading update:
  • The Old Wives Tales - I'm about 60% of the way through, according to my Kindle. I'm liking it, which is surprising. Hopefully a post on that next week.
  • An American Tragedy - Only 25% of the way through, but also really enjoying it. Won't finish this until the end of February.
  • I, Claudius - just picked this up the other night...only reading a few pages at night when rocking Brendan to sleep, and again, it's really good. I'm having some trouble keeping track of everyone's relations, but I'm going to make some kind of family tree to hopefully solve that problem.
  • The Big Money - I can't really say that I'm actually "reading" this. I started it back in November (?) right after finishing 1919, but couldn't get into it. I thought going from one to the other would work, but I guess I needed a break. I'm hoping to start back up in February maybe...I don't want to get too far away from 1919, because I will forget everyone's relationships.

And on the movie-watching update, this week I think I'll begin what I'm calling my Grandpa Project. I've been meaning to do this for more than a year, and I think it's time. More info on this later...


Tom Goodfellow said...

An I Claudius family tree;

Kristin said...

Thanks for that!