Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Executive Decisions

Those of you who regularly read this blog know I love lists. I have something of a goal to read most of the novels on the 1,001 Books list. I say most because I know it is an impossible task given that at least one of the novels was published in Korea 30 years ago and has yet to be translated into English.

But I am coming to think that I need to narrow my focus a bit. After all, many of the books on this list are unnecessary...maybe I'll get to the eleven Coetzee on here (I only have nine to go) but maybe I won't.

What has prompted this is that I have made yet another attempt to read JG Ballard's Crash and simply cannot stomach it. I had enough of this with American Psycho. So my question is, what is the point of continuing? Am I going to miss something glorious by shedding this books, making the executive decision to not return?

If not, I think the book will go on the "shed" pile very quickly. I'm reaching critical mass, and there are likely many, many other books that I won't have to squirm through.

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