Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kristin's Rules of Literature - 8 Types of Books

  1. Books that are good from beginning to end
  2. Books that start out good but then get really stupid (Angle of Repose)
  3. Books that you don't like and then get really good at the end, and you're glad stuck to it because it turned out to be a damn good book (Things Fall Apart)
  4. Books that are mediocre, or that you are ambivalent about
  5. Books that you enjoyed while reading, but afterwards realize weren't that good
  6. Books that you dislike while reading them, but afterwards the ideas in them stick in your brain and you like the book more and more (1984, Under the Volcano)
  7. Books that you didn't like but revisit because you might have missed something, the outcome of which is (a) You like them more the second time around (Kafka's The Metamorphosis); or (b) You realize the really weren't that good in the first place, and you just wasted my time reading it again.
  8. Books that are just bad (The Ambassadors)