Friday, September 5, 2008

Poetry Friday

Ok people. I came up with something's called Poetry Friday! I know you're excited.

I used to love poetry. Not to mean that I don't anymore, I just stopped reading it somewhere along the line. So, in an effort to get back to poetry, I will be posting a poem here every Friday.

I once gave the following poem to someone very special in my life when he was leaving to go home, and was (still is) a possibility that I might never see him again. Our "time in the sun" so to speak is well past, but we're still in contact, and over the years, he has proven (to my surprise, honestly) to be a faithful and thoughtful friend. It's a beautiful poem...I hope you like it. First the original German:

Wo Bist Du Itzt by Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz (1751-1792)

Wo bist du itzt, mein unvergesslich Mädchen,
Wo singst du itzt?
Wo lacht die Flur, wo triumphiert das Städtchen,
Das dich besitzt?

Seit du entfernt, will keine Sonne scheinen,
Und es vereint
Der Himmel sich, dir zärtlich nachzuweinen,
Mit deinem Freund.

All unsre Lust ist fort mit dir gezogen,
Still überall
Ist Stadt und Fed. Dir nach ist sie geflogen,
Die Nachtigall.

O komm zurück! Schon rufen Hirt und Herden
Dich bang herbei.
Komm bald zurück! Sonst wird es Winter weden
Im Monat Mai.

Now, the translation:

Where Are You Now

Where are you now, my unforgettable maiden,
Where do you sing now?
Where smiles the field, where does the small town triumph
Which possess you?

Since you are gone, no sun will shine
And Heaven itself,
To weep after you tenderly,
Unites with your friend.

All our happiness has gone with you,
Quiet everywhere
Is town and field. It followed you in flight -
The nightingale.

Oh do return! Already herds and shepherds
Recall you anxiously.
Oh, come back soon! Else there will be winter
In the month of May.

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